Kula Hour: Shoulder Drills for Handstand and Wheel

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Kevin Bigger

e-ryt 500 yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in brooklyn, ny.  i started practicing yoga up in boston in my late teens, immediately after a period of massive (less than healthy) weight loss, and just before...
(suggested props: 2 blocks)

Open and integrate the shoulder girdle to create a proper scaffold of support in handstand (adho mukha vrksasana) and wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasna). Since both of these poses will benefit from from opening the front of the hip, we also spend some time searching for length in the psoas. 

(Int) We used to think that an hour was way too short for a yoga class, and then we discovered the Kula Hour: A 65 minute straight up shot of all the good stuff. (Of course a Kula hour lasts just a little longer than a NYC hour.) For 60 minutes we have at it, Kula style. 5 minutes of blissful rest follow.