Groundcontrol: Live from the Cape! Episode 3

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Lindsay Ashmun

Lindsay teaches the kind of yoga classes that she likes to take: alignment-smart, core-deep, sweaty Vinyasa that synchronizes the body and breath in an athletic and graceful flow. Lindsay has been teaching Yoga s...
Props needed: Light weights, Heavy Weights, Ab ball, blocks, looped theraband. 

Groundcontrol class is a class scored from a Pilates mat format. We use ab balls, therabands, gliders and other small props to crank out a breath-based, core focused workout. This class is extremely relevant for yoga practitioners and movers alike. Exercises have been specifically designed with yogis and athletes in mind to train the body for deep and balanced strength, optimal range of motion, injury prevention and recovery. Not for prenatal students unless they have an already well-established Pilates practice or take a pre-requisite private session with Lindsay.