Honey Flow: Rest and Digest

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Kevin Bigger

e-ryt 500 yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in brooklyn, ny.  i started practicing yoga up in boston in my late teens, immediately after a period of massive (less than healthy) weight loss, and just before...
(suggested props: 2 blocks, a blanket, a bolster and a sandbag — don’t worry if you don’t have a sandbag and you can substitute a big pillow or a couple extra blankets for the bolster)

This class streamed the day after Thanksgiving, so we move slow and do a little extra honey and a little less flow. Class is structured to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and the digestive system — think poses that gently squeeze the body, some supported twists and variations of supta virasana (reclining hero’s pose).

(Int) The most delicious (and stealthily challenging) of Kula classes. A one hour serving of sticky, sweaty Kula Flow, lathered with 20 minutes of yin yoga (deep, intense stretching) and a 15 minute restorative asana topping. YUM. We know that no one needs a little deep chill out more than NYC yogis, but most of us are too type A to take a true restorative class. So – this is the Kula solution. As one student put it: "You kick our ass for an hour and then kiss it for another 30 minutes.” (Sanskrit translation please)?