In Person 10 Class Card (3 month expiration)

Attend class In Person at either one of our studios. Includes use of a mat (if needed), and all props.
This class card has a 3 month expiration from date of purchase and will not be extended for any reason. If your circumstances change or you are unable to make it to the studio, you may use this class card for online Replays, which are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Thank you for respecting this policy.
In Person 10 Class Card (3 month expiration)
Good for 10 In Person visits at either location (Williamsburg or SoHo). (Excludes Ashtanga program classes).

Can also be used for Livestream or Replays, in case circumstances change or you cannot make it into the studio.

No exceptions will be made to the 3 month expiration. Thank you for respecting our studio policies.

PLEASE READ THIS PART CAREFULLY. WE ARE NOT GOING TO EXTEND THIS CLASS CARD. Please understand that you are committing to using what you purchase. You may choose to use these classes for Replays if you cannot make it to the studio. If you do not wish to be constrained by a time limit, please purchase single drop in classes. The discount you receive with this purchase applies only if you use these classes within the specified time frame. We are unable to respond to requests for extensions. Thank you.

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