Kula Reset

Sun, 1/22/23 6:00 AM

Ashtanga Led Primary Series in SoHo

Sun, 1/30/22 9:00 AM,
Thu, 11/25/21 9:00 AM
and more with
Michael Guiou


Sat, 6/24/23 3:00 PM,
Sat, 5/27/23 3:00 PM
and more with
Lara Warren

Led Ashtanga

Weekly on Fridays with Augustine Kim

Kula Quickie (45 min)

Mon, 11/21/22 7:00 AM,
Mon, 11/14/22 7:00 AM
and more with
Schuyler Grant

Honey Flow

Weekly on Fridays,
Weekly on Fridays
and more with
Courtney Stapleford, Kevin Bigger, Madalyn Pedone

Kula Flow

Weekly on Saturdays with Kevin Bigger, Kyle Marshall

Kula Basics

Weekly on Saturdays with Kevin Bigger

Move + Groove (Iyengar All Levels)

Weekly on Sundays with Lara Warren

Kula Flow + Pranayama

Weekly on Sundays with Nikki Vilella

Iyengar (All Levels)

Weekly on Mondays,
Weekly on Fridays
and more with
Liza Toft, Naghmeh Ahi, Nil Akin

Kula Reset: Restorative

Weekly on Mondays with Lana Homeri