Steady Vinyasa Level 1-2 - Online

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Abigail Irlbeck, M.A. & RYT

Growing up, I danced regularly as well as participated in gymnastics so when I moved to Omaha, NE for college in 2011, choosing to do yoga seemed like a logical transition. I was accustomed to a lot of physical a...
Steady Vinyasa is a yoga practice that connects movement and breath. In addition to posture practice, these classes may include guided visualizations, pranayama (breathwork), mantra, mudra, bandhas, and philosophical teachings. This practice will build your inner and outer strength, improve your balance, and reduce stress while increasing vitality and athleticism. Level 1-2 classes often include weight-bearing on wrists and arms, fluid transitions between postures, and muscular movements linked to inhales and exhales.