Foundations Yoga - Online

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Morgan Rodriguez

Fueled by indigenous wisdom and a keen creative streak, Morgan brings groundedness to the table. Her robust style will embolden you to new heights in your asana, and new depths in your meditation. Strong, stable,...

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Foundations Yoga classes are perfect for both the true beginner and any student who wants to revisit the basic. This simple and accessible practice will help you build strength, meditative focus, confidence, and knowledge of yoga in a safe, supportive, well-paced environment. Learn and practice the fundamentals with instructors skilled at guiding poses and sharing modifications that work for all sorts of bodies. Each Foundations Yoga class is uniquely designed by the instructor. They all feature detailed instruction of a breathing technique, a movement strategy, and several shapes from our syllabus of fundamental yoga postures. By returning to Foundations again and again, you can expect to develop a well-rounded and refreshing practice grounded in the most essential elements of yoga—mindful movement, classic poses, and conscious exploration of body and breath.