Nothing to Prove w/ Kate Counts

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Kate Counts

Kate has been guiding movement in the wellness community for over a decade. Education has always been an important part in Kate’s life…from teaching elementary school for years to learning about the body and func...
Kate Counts is back in the Haus!

When we navigate life from a strong foundation of values, we have nothing to prove — our actions do all the talking! This foundation gives us the ability to move from a place of humility which is soft, and filled with grace and power. This Chaturanga-less flow focuses on that powerful foundation (ummm, what up strong legs!!) and also focuses on the soft opening of the heart, which reminds us we have nothing to prove other than our humanity!

*pre-recorded class -- available in Replays on 7/14*
All levels 
60 minutes
Props: water, sweat towel, blocks if needed

Postures include: lunges, squats, curtsy lunges, one legged squats (you are strong, you got this!)