Supportive Yin w/ Ashley Limehouse

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Ashley Limehouse

In a culture of scarcity where nothing is ever enough, yoga has given me the courage and freedom to embrace my truth. My goal has been to give students the tools they need to enhance their own lives with yoga and...
Ashley Limehouse is back in the Haus!

Join Ashley for an all levels Yin practice designed to help you feel supported in your physical practice as well as your life. Get ready to move through traditional Yin postures with a few wall assisted postures for additional support. 

All levels. Beginner Friendly. 
45 minutes
Props: 1 blanket, 2 bolsters or blocks, + a wall for support

Postures include: Child's pose, half dragonfly, dragonfly, legs-up-the-wall, figure eight with wall, dragon 3, frog, supported bridge, reclined butterfly