Yin for Waking Up w/ Ashley Limehouse

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Ashley Limehouse

In a culture of scarcity where nothing is ever enough, yoga has given me the courage and freedom to embrace my truth. My goal has been to give students the tools they need to enhance their own lives with yoga and...
Ashley Limehouse is back in the Haus for some much needed Yin! 

This morning Yin practice will wake you up both physical and mentally. Nourishing, revitalizing, and energizing, this yin practice is also perfect for the mornings where you don't have much time or energy, but still crave an effective and wholesome practice. Use this 30 minute session to start every day with a clear and open mind, as well as a clear and open body. 

Level 1/2
25 minutes
Props: 1 bolster/pillow/thick blanket + 1-2 blocks

Postures include: Yogi squat / Malasana, CatCow, Ankle stretch, Camel, Childs pose, Sphinx