Yin Journey Through the 5 Elements w/ Carole Westerman

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Carole Westerman

My name is Carole Westerman, and I’m so delighted that the Universe brought us together. We must have lessons to learn from one another. I’ve been practicing Yoga since 1995, and teaching since 2005. I’ve practic...
Join Phoenix Friend Carole Westerman for a full-circle journey through the 5 element cycle in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Through an all levels Yin practice, practitioners will experience the essence and paired Meridians of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. 

All levels 
60 minutes 
Props: 2 blocks and a blanket 

Postures include: Sphinx, Happy Baby, Reclined Butterfly, Bananasana, Lizard Lunge, Cat Tail and more.