Navigating Uncharted Waters w/ Kate Counts

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Kate Counts

Kate has been guiding movement in the wellness community for over a decade. Education has always been an important part in Kate’s life…from teaching elementary school for years to learning about the body and func...
In this energetic vinyasa flow, explore the cardinal directions of the moral compass: Compassion, Empathy, Integrity, and Accountability. Each direction helps us be more aware of ourselves, others, and the planet we live on. Kate hopes you leave this class feeling anchored and more confident as we all navigate uncharted waters, personally and collectively. Come prepared to break a sweat and also enjoy moments of pause.

All Levels 
60 minutes 
Props: sweat towel, water, journal and pen (optional) 

Postures include: navasana variations, sun salutation A, crescent, warrior ii, warrior iii, one-legged squat, side angle, half moon, reclined bound angle pose, seated forward fold, savasana.