Full Moon Ritual & Practice: Sacred Rage + Release w/ Tiffany Maloney

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Tiffany Maloney

Greetings! As a yoga teacher for 18 years, I recognized that my true potential was in healing. I practice sacred healing arts such as Reiki, Aura cleansing and balancing, sound bath therapy and psychic spiritual ...
Modern mystic Tiffany Maloney is back with our Haus coven!

A lunar eclipse happens only on a full moon, and only when the sun, the earth, and the moon are aligned. When this happens, the moon moves directly into the Earth's shadow space. Similar to the moon, we all go through periods of feeling eclipsed or shadowed. This ritual will focus on releasing anger, resentment, anxiety, and rage. Sacred rage is pure and holy and, at the moment, so very needed. Together, we will harness and release our sacred rage through a Kali inspired fire breath and hip opening sequence 

All levels
45 minutes

Tools needed:
  • If indoors: a pot of soil (preferably) or a large russet potato 
  • If outside: just the earth
  • a knife or scissors, or any other sharp instrument 
  • paper and pen (preferably: a red ink pen)