Yin for Tight Shoulders w/ Ashley Limehouse

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Ashley Limehouse

In a culture of scarcity where nothing is ever enough, yoga has given me the courage and freedom to embrace my truth. My goal has been to give students the tools they need to enhance their own lives with yoga and...
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While Yin Yoga postures often focus on the lower body, this deep, mobility geared practice has plenty to offer the upper body as well. 
Many of us have dealt with a lack of mobility in the shoulder region. This may be caused by our actual bone structure, past injury, combining certain shoulder movements at once (such as internally rotating and extending) 
In this class we will be doing just a few postures that you can use to hopefully gain or increase your normal range of motion. And of course if you have any recent injuries or have undergone surgery in the last 6 months come back to this practice when you and your shoulder are feeling it's best. 

All levels. Beginner Friendly. 
45 minutes
Props: 1 bolster or block, 1 blanket or towel.

Postures include: sitting shoulder stretch, sphinx, broken branch, prone chest opener, puppy, thread-the-needle, child's pose, cow face with towel, shoulder resistance stretch.