Wall Yin Yoga for Burnout + Recovery w/ Ashley Limehouse

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Ashley Limehouse

In a culture of scarcity where nothing is ever enough, yoga has given me the courage and freedom to embrace my truth. My goal has been to give students the tools they need to enhance their own lives with yoga and...
You can now catch Haus Teacher Ashley Limehouse the 3rd Thursday of every month!

Wall Yin provides so much support for us both physically and energetically. In this class, Ashley will guide you through poses that are perfect for releasing stagnant energy, particularly in the liver, spleen, heart, and kidney channels. When we are experiencing burnout (whether on the edge of burnout or feeling fully drained), this stagnation can show up as irritation, frustration, poor appetite, and restlessness. This Yin class will assist you with a full body recovery, especially with the added support of the wall.

*pre-recorded class -- available in Replays 7/21*
All levels 
35 minutes
Props: blanket, 1-2 blocks

Postures include: Happy Baby, Reclined Butterfly, Figure Four, Wall Dragonfly, Twisted roots, Twist, Supported Spinx, Half Frog, legs up the wall