Balanced Back: Conditioning for Shoulders & Backline

It's easy to hunch over all day leaving our chest tight and weak, shoulders sore, and our back tense. This results in poor posture... and that even has an effect on our mood!

Guess what? Stretching is not always the answer to pain. Very often it is a signal of muscles being weak, out of balance, or overcompensating for a job they were not meant to do.  Typically the culprits (the lazy muscles) are silent.  And the victims (the muscles overcompensating) are in pain.

This class helps you balance out all of these areas to have stronger shoulders and back muscles, better postures, and will help you start to alleviate common areas of pain and tension.  Training our body parts to fire correctly, and building balance around our joints is a long-term strategy for feeling more at ease in your bod.