Go Wide: Easy-Going Lateral Flow

NOTE: While this is pre-natal & back pain friendly, this is a great class for almost everyone. That said always listen to your own body. Everything in this class is just a suggestion, and you are responsible for your own experience and outcomes.

This is a easy-going flow that invites you to use your mat side-to-side and bust out of repetitive forward/backward motion.  Why is this important?

Set your mat width-ways to change up your orientation.  End class with an breathwork for an energetic 'sigh' to improve breath capacity, and reset the nervous system.

Physically it invites us to train patterns of movement that we utilize less often, bringing more balance to our hips & spine.

Mentally & emotionally, it offers chance for us to extend our capacity. If you've been narrowly focused, or felt like your blinders have been on use the experience of the physical body to get your brain out of closed-off conditioning and into a space where you and feel much more expansive.