Intro to Jivamukti Yoga

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Jessica Stickler

Jivamukti Yoga was codified by Sharon Gannon and David Life, and emphasizes not only movement, but also philisophical teachings, meditation, and compassionate living.  Jessica Stickler has been teaching Jivamukt...
This class will combine theory and practice, delving into the history, philosophy, and practices of Jivamukti yoga method. Learn the background and foundation of Jivamukti yoga, as well as the how and the why of practice. We will experience chanting, meditation, and asana (physical postures), we will discuss the different types of Jivamukti classes and what you can expect. Perhaps you're new to yoga or new to Jivamukti, and curious about starting a practice, or perhaps you've been practicing regularly but want to know more!