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Ariel Tang

A curious soul at heart, Ariel never stops learning and growing. She is an E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance US, a Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Teacher Trainer, healer, singer, writer and has been teaching ...

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There is just something magical with the unassuming yet deeply nourishing yin practise. With long-held, gentle yet deep poses, we can release some deep-seated tension in the body and mind. It also helps facilitate Qi (or life force) flow. More and more research is emerging to support the importance of regular gentle deep stretching for wellbeing. Yin is also a gateway to meditation practice because we learn to become still in our body to become still in our mind. Ariel is one of the advanced yin yoga teacher trainers in Hong Kong and is a long-term student of Paul Grilley - the founder of modern day Yin Yoga. All levels are welcomed. Props suggested: 1-2 blocks, a bolster or some cushions and a blanket.