Unlimited Monthly (Virtual) Jiva - Sponsor $59 per month
  • Premium pass for devoted Jivamukti students that also want to give a little extra to ensure your favorite Jivamukti studios can survive this global pandemic. 
    This pass is good for UNLIMITED monthly access to Live- Streamed classes and On-Demand replays. 
    Plus includes weekly Live Zoom Classes/Satsang 

    *Does not include workshops and special training or events. 
  • Auto-renews
Jivamukti Yoga Online - Founding Member Pass $29 per month
  • For limited time only!...be part of the new virtual Jivamukti global tribe. 
    UNLIMITED monthly access to all the amazing Jivamukti Yoga classes and offerings in our virtual shala. Live-Streamed and replay On-Demand. 

  • Auto-renews
Workshop/Special Event $20 valid for 1 months
  • Special/One Time Workshop or Event
  • One-time charge
Live In Person Class Drop- In $20 one time use
  • Good for an in-person socially distanced yoga class. Expires in 30 days.
  • One-time charge
Single Class - Drop In $12 one time use
  • Good for one LIVE (streaming) drop in with 24 hr replay - or on demand rental with 48 hr replay. 
  • One-time charge
New Student Special $0 valid for 7 days
  • Good for 1 Livestream class and 1 week of unlimited replays. Expires 7 days from purchase.
  • One-time charge