Lindsey Dantes

Hello! Lindsey is an actress, singer and dancer with a serious love for glitter. Lindsey started teaching cardio dance in 2019 and immediately fell in love with this way of connecting to her body. Her focus in teaching is for everyone to feel comfortable, grounded and free to be whichever version of themselves they need that day. <3 Lindsey has been performing since childhood in theater, film and commercials. Some of her favorite places she has performed include La Mirada Theater and Walt Disney World. 

Cardio Disco - 1.2.24

with Lindsey Dantes

HBH Heels - 1.3.24

with Lindsey Dantes
1h 7m

HBH Heels (Valentines) - 2.14.24

with Lindsey Dantes
1h 11m