Kait McKinney

Kait grew up dancing in Austin, Texas, and has traveled internationally to study dance; from Copenhagen with the Royal Danish Ballet school to Italy with esteemed choreographers Juliano Nunes, Alice Klock, and Florian Lochner. She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 2020 with a BFA in Dance, a Minor in Anatomy, and a Minor in Humanities. Since graduating, Kait has joined LA Choreographers & Dancers under the direction of Louise Reichlin, which has allowed her opportunities to continue traveling and performing at venues like the Lincoln Center in NYC. Kait has been teaching dance since 2014 and is so excited to be teaching regularly at Heartbeat House! 

Mat Pilates w/Kait 4/20/23

with Kait McKinney
1h 2m

25min Stretch - 11.27.23

with Kait McKinney

Modern Movement - 10.01.23

with Kait McKinney

Modern w/Kait 4/23

with Kait McKinney
1h 4m

Mat Pilates - 4.3.24

with Kait McKinney

Balletic Barre - 10.20.21

with Kait McKinney