Youth Unlimited Monthly Membership $177.00 per month
  • Included in Youth Unlimited Membership:
    • Unlimited Youth Classes (held in person only)
    • Discounted Masterclasses, Workshops, and Special Events
    • 1 Training/Reading/Coaching/Healing Session each month
    • Bring a friend to class for free once a month
    • 3 month commitment, then rolls month-to-month
    • Monthly auto-deduction

    • $177.00 will be charged on the same date of the month for 3 months.
    • Contract will roll month-to-month after 3 months are completed.
    • Activation begins on the date of purchase.
    • Requests to cancel or freeze membership should be submitted in writing via email to at least 14 days in advance of the next billing cycle.
    • Freeze policy:Freeze option available in one-month increments based on your billing cycle.
    • Membership cannot be canceled within the initial 3 month contract period.
    • Monthly unlimited plans are based on your billing cycle. Heartbeat House does not prorate months of membership.
    • Policy changes: Heartbeat House reserves the right to make changes to its policies, membership offerings, and prices at any time. Advance notice will be given to members and changes will not go into effect during the current billing cycle.
  • Auto-renews every month