Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig (she/her) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, author, publisher and editor-in-chief of Inky Phoenix Press, and co-host of the Webby Award nominated podcast, Free Cookies. Kathryn is known...

Arm-Free Flow

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Recovering from an upper body injury or just need to give your shoulders a break? Or maybe you need a solid refresh on classic standing poses? Whatever your reason, this class builds heat and strength without any hand/shoulder weight-bearing poses. You heard me! No chaturanga, not even a downward facing dog! This class allows our legs and core to shine while giving our upper body a much needed rest. 

All Levels
30 minutes
Props: optional blocks

Postures include: standing side bends, 1/2 sun salutations, low lunge variations, scandasana, goddess variations, warrior variations, side angle, chair variations, boat and half boat, malasana, crescent, warrior iii, camel, double pigeon, straight-legged forward fold.