Jesse Schein

My teacher Maty Ezraty (1963-2019) used to say, “The Yoga poses never change, you do. Thus, your relationship with the poses and the practice changes.”  I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga for 25 years. I co...

Do You, Be You Buffet w/ Jesse Schein

Aired -

1h 5m
As a special surprise, we have a Guest Haus Teacher taking over the next two Thursdays! Without further ado, meet Jesse Schein!

Join Jesse for a well rounded Vinyasa flow! This class is an exploration of one's self. It encourages people to show up exactly how they are, and to make healthy choices that align with their energy and chapters in life. There's LOTS to choose from on the buffet, and I've always got your back! 

All levels 
60 minutes
Props: 2 blocks