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WTF: Visvamitrasana

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1h 2m
Welcome to our WTF series where Kathryn breaks down common yoga poses that make you think — wtf?

Visvamitrasana, named for the sage Visvamitra, is a beautiful arm balance combining side plank and compass pose. Practiced in the third series of ashtanga, this posture can often be swathed in intimidation, but trust me — once we strip it down to its basic components, you will find a variation of this posture that allows you to fly! This workshop style practice will explore a spectrum of variations, so leave your fears behind and come play!

This class will be demonstrated by the amazing Amanda Cunningham!

Level 2
60 minutes
Props: strap, wall space, 1-2 blocks

Postures include: Child's pose, cat and cow, thread-the-needle, sun salutation A + B with side bends, revolved chair, humble warrior, lizard, sukasana, wide legged fold, cow face, double pigeon, revolved half fish, revolved wide legged fold, standing visvamitrasana at the wall, visvamitrasana with shinbone down, traditional and inner arm variations of full visvamitrasana, happy baby, reclined twist, seated breathwork with option to take savasana.