Kate Counts

Kate has been guiding movement in the wellness community for over a decade. Education has always been an important part in Kate’s life…from teaching elementary school for years to learning about the body and func...

Free to Be w/ Kate Counts

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Today’s class will explore the concept of freedom — what it feels like when we have the space to express who we are AND what it feels like when we try to fit the mold of restriction. We'll explore how one encourages creativity, curiosity and flow, while the other demands conformity, rigidity, and binary thinking. Throughout this 60 minute class, we'll observe this comparison through asana. In our transitions between sequences, we will shake, stomp, kick, and jump our way to freedom. 

All levels (ALL welcome!)
60 minutes
Props: water, towel, blocks if preferred. 

Postures Include: A Warrior Sequence that will build (Warrior I, Warrior ll, Warrior lll, Warrior rise, warrior retreat) Side Angle, Triangle, Half Moon. Transitions will include: walking chair, lunge kicks, star jumps.