Funky Flow w/ Justin Reilley

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Justin Reilley

Justin is the owner and lead instructor at Yoga Rebellion in Collingswood,NJ. He’s been teaching in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for the last 10+ years. His love of martial arts drew him to yoga and aft...
We’ve heard the saying “variety is the spice of life," so let’s spice up our yoga practice! One of the ways we can add a lil spice to our practice is to introduce fun variations to already familiar poses. This allows us to explore new engagements and make some funky new shapes! In this class, we’re going to explore a “funky” alteration (putting single forearm down) to some poses we're already familiar with, which will ultimately add that lil’ bit of spice we're looking for! 

Level 2
30 minutes
Props: a strap (optional) 

Postures include: forearm plank, dolphin, funky flip dogs, baby crow, warrior ii, reverse warrior, side angle pose, triangle, malasana, binds, skandasana, funky 8 angle