Justin Reilley

Justin is the owner and lead instructor at Yoga Rebellion in Collingswood,NJ. He’s been teaching in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area for the last 10+ years. His love of martial arts drew him to yoga and aft...

The Hero Hanuman w/ Justin Reilley

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Hanuman, the Hindu god and divine companion of Rama, is a symbol of courage, unconditional love, strength, and devotion. The pose Hanumanasana celebrates all of the beautiful attributes associated with Hanuman! Haus Teacher Justin Reilley will dive deep into this posture and help us find the courage to take the leap into this beautiful pose, by preparing not just our body, but also our spirit, for the challenge.  

Level 2
40 minutes
Props: 2 blocks

Postures include: kneeling crescent, half splits, pyramid, camel, skandasana, lizard