Kate Counts

Kate has been guiding movement in the wellness community for over a decade. Education has always been an important part in Kate’s life…from teaching elementary school for years to learning about the body and func...

An Accomplice of Pride w/ Kate Counts

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June is PRIDE Month!! It is a month where we celebrate the LBGTQ+ community and all the joy that comes with showing up as yourself on the frontline of life. What does that mean if you are an ally on the frontline? According to our LGBTQ+ community, being a good ally has three components: be accepting (make people feel safe and supported), take action (advocate for the group, raise awareness, and defend the group), and have humility (be a good listener, be open to correction, and be are willing to learn) .

In today's class, we are going to explore each component and how it relates to breath, movement, and stillness. As an ally on the frontline of life, it is critical that we take time to listen, learn, amplify, and create action. My hope is that after today's class you feel inspired to show up as yourself for others! Expect to feel challenged in this class through movement, and also know there will be space for rest, reflection, and stillness! 

All levels (ALL are welcome!)
60 minutes
Props: water, sweat towel, blocks if preferred 

Postures Include: A warrior series (warrior advance, warrior retreat, and warrior rise). Balance postures (warrior three, egret, tree). Plank variations (strong arm, forearm plank, side forearm plank). Chair series (soul dives, twists, isolated squats). I promise a deep stretch at the end to cool us down and get us ready for our frontline work!