How an Eating Disorder Sufferer, Turned Researcher Started Eat Breathe Thrive

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Chelsea Roff is the Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive, a Give Back Yoga Legacy Program that works to prevent and help people overcome eating disorders through yoga.

Chelsea began her career studying yoga as a researcher in a psychoneuroimmunology laboratory. But she always felt a call to work with people with eating disorders -- as a young person, anorexia had nearly taken her life, and she knew how powerful the practice could be in recovery. In 2013, she raised fifty thousand dollars to kickstart Eat Breathe Thrive and develop a yoga-based curriculum for eating disorder recovery. In the years since, she's brought the program to scale in thirty-two U.S. states and seven countries and worked alongside Dr. Catherine Cook Cottone to conduct four studies on its efficacy. Chelsea also serves as Executive Director of the Give Back Yoga Foundation UK, where she is working to bring our legacy programs to scale in the National Healthcare System.

In this 45-minute interview, we’ll cover:

  • The origin story: how the Eat Breathe Thrive was started and what the early years were like
  • How the organization’s mission, work, and programs have evolved over the years
  • The vision: where the organization is going, and how it plans to get there

This interview will be hosted by Rob Schware, Executive Director of the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

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