How a Relapse Helped to Launch Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

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Nikki Myers is the Founder of the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery, a Give Back Yoga Legacy Program that combines the wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of the twelve-step program to help people recover from addiction. Nikki started Y12SR from the bedrock of her own experience with addiction, combined with her training as a yoga therapist and somatic experiencing practitioner. Over the past fourteen years, Y12SR has trained more than 1,500 leaders to hold classes in their local communities. In any given week, more than 350 Y12SR meetings are happening around the world. 

In this 45-minute interview, we’ll cover:

  • The origin story: how Yoga for 12-Step Recovery was started and what the early years were like
  • How the organization’s mission, work, and programs have evolved over the years
  • The vision: where the organization is going, and how it plans to get there

This interview will be hosted by Chelsea Roff, Executive Director of the Give Back Yoga Foundation UK.

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A Note on Seva (Service):

Many of our faculty donate their time and receive no compensation from course fees. The funds we raise through this platform go to support Give Back Yoga Foundation and its key initiatives:  mat donations, small grants, and not-for-profit yoga programs for people facing addiction, eating disorders, cancer, incarceration, and PTSD. Learn more about our work here.