James Fox

James Fox MA is the founder of the Prison Yoga Project. He is a certified yoga instructor who has dedicated himself to developing a trauma informed approach to teaching yoga in correctional facilities, that has r...

How The Prison Yoga Project Was Started (Interview with James Fox)

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James Fox is the Founder of Prison Yoga Project, a Give Back Yoga Legacy Program that supports incarcerated people with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices. Prison Yoga Project (PYP) was the first ever legacy program under the Give Back Yoga Foundation umbrella. Since its inception, PYP has sent more than 30,000 books (free-of-charge, by-request) to incarcerated people, and has programs in prisons and jails across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, India, and Israel.  

In this 45-minute interview, we’ll cover:

  • The origin story: how the Prison Yoga Project was started and what the early years were like
  • How the organization’s mission, work, and programs have evolved over the years
  • The vision: where the organization is going, and how it plans to get there

This interview will be hosted by Rob Schware, Executive Director of the Give Back Yoga Foundation.

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