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About Give Back Yoga Foundation

Welcome to Give Back Yoga University!

Give Back Yoga University is a virtual campus where you can access talks, workshops, and trainings on how to bring the therapeutic benefits of yoga practices to individuals facing illness and hardship. It's your opportunity to connect directly with yoga nonprofits, researchers, and world-renowned teachers on the greatest questions facing our industry. Our faculty include experts from nonprofit organizations, public sector institutions, and academia. 

As a nonprofit organization, the Give Back Yoga Foundation has been working to bring yoga to people with limited access to this practice for thirteen years. We serve individuals from many different backgrounds — from incarcerated men, to women with eating disorders, to individuals recovering from cancer, addiction, and PTSD.  

Give Back Yoga University is a powerful platform we created to raise funds for not-for-profit yoga projects, which need our support more than ever.  Every dollar we raise through the platform will go directly to support yoga projects for people facing addiction, eating disorders, cancer, incarceration, trauma, and barriers to healthcare.