Day 17 ~ 30 Day Challenge (Reframe ~ Stop Light ~ Kapalabhati “Skull-Shining Breath)

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Casey Feicht

Namaste and Play!  Kids Yoga Guide is creating peace through the practices of mindfulness, yoga, playfulness, and FUN! We share the tools to support kids use their creative minds, listen to their bodies, and tap...
Day 17 ~  30 Day Challenge  (Reframe ~ Stop Light ~ Kapalabhati “Skull-Shining Breath)

This is for families, and kids, it’s accessible for everyone.

3 Yoga Poses
  • Hero
  • Toe Stand
  • Camel

2 Mindfulness Practices
  • Reframe
  • Stop Light

1 Breathing exercise
  • Kapalabhati “Skull-Shining Breath

Namaste and Play! 
Courageous Casey