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Courageous Casey Feicht (Love)

What I Do?

I show up vulnerability and with bravery, Living courageously one day at a time!

  • Practice Yoga Online with me!
  • Life & Wellness Coach
  • Yoga Guide (0-108 yr olds)
  • Spiritual Leader (currently pursuing a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies and will be a Minister via the Centers for Spiritual Living
  • Single Super Mom (in effort)

Casey began teaching yoga in 1998. As a personal trainer for 20 + years and a lifestyle design coach, she is passionate about kids, parents and families being active and healthy together while finding harmony and balance in Mind, Body and Spirit. She began teaching at health clubs and her own home studio.

Casey catered mostly to beginner yogis, offering trainings, coaching and nutrition as a complete package. In 2007, she was blessed to be able to attend the month long intensive Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in New York with co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Casey’s children’s yoga quest began in 2005 during her pregnancy with her daughter Grace, who is now 16. Kids need to move and love yoga!

In 2010, she began leading Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings and had the desire to bring more classes to the Denver community and schools. She created the website ( which has tons of free resources, reviews, products and education for parents and teachers. The website continues to share her passion, and allows her to be more available for her daughter.

She has been blessed and able to coach thousands around the world as an international Coach, servicing Asia, Australia, Europe, the US, and Canada. She created one of the first online Kids Yoga Teacher Training, and the first 95 hr Registered Childrens Yoga School in Denver Colorado