Sound and Breath :: Let Go

Breath Style : Triangle Breath

Marc offers a piece called Temple Waters. He created this piece with the intention of cleansing, releasing and letting go. Jayne guides you through a triangle breath. Offering breath holds in, at the top of the breath, for releasing  residual anger. And breath holds out, at the bottom of the breath, for releasing any stagnant sadness. The music and the breath guide the body gently back into a state of flow and ease. This practice will help guide you back to your essence. 

Marc Igbinadolor and Jayne Ebner teamed up to produce a creative breathwork experience. Marc's sound is deeply healing and artful, coupling contemporary electronic music style with ancient healing frequencies and sounds. Jayne pairs breath practices with each of Marc's pieces to bring you a deeply introspective and expansive experience. They had a lot of fun creating this series together.