Sound and Breath :: Shine

Breath Style : Up Up and Away Breath

Marc offers music to open up the possibility of inner lightness, clarity and free feeling. Jayne offers a breath practice to infuse the imagination and inner realm with clean, clear, pure energy. A short and sweet moment follows for you to sit in the inner world, untethered by the confines of physics or "reality." 

Breath and Sound are a powerful combination to open the body up to receive healing and to reorganize patterning on the cellular level. You may be quite inspired after this practice. 

This piece is part of a collection Marc Igbinadolor and Jayne Ebner teamed up to produce a creative breathwork experience. Marc's sound is deeply healing and artful, coupling contemporary electronic music style with ancient healing frequencies and sounds. Jayne pairs breath practices with each of Marc's pieces to bring you a deeply introspective and expansive experience. They had a lot of fun creating this series together.