This series will focus on basic poses, alignment, and breath. Students will explore and practice basic yoga poses to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. This series is ideal for those students who are completely new to yoga, or students who have been off their mat for a while and need a little refreshing.

Uncover the life-changing potential of yoga through Folk's First digital series, Yoga 101. Tailored specifically for complete beginners, this extraordinary program is led by an esteemed lineup of Folk's renowned instructors: Roy Gan, Daniela Rizza, Denelle Numis, Europa Grace, and Meera Dhawan. Whether you seek increased flexibility, inner tranquility, or overall well-being, this introductory guide explores fundamental poses, breathing techniques, and the art of mindful meditation and restorative yoga.

Disclaimer: Not all yoga or other exercise practices are appropriate or suitable for every person. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe for those with certain medical conditions. Always, in your particular case, consult your healthcare provider. Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention.