Roy Gan

Roy Gan (ERYT) is a classically trained dancer from Singapore, with over 15 years of experience in dance, teaching, and choreography, a non-practicing lawyer, and a graduate of Yoga Garden SF 200-hour Advanced St...

Flip and Flow: Dynamic Vinyasa for Side Body, Neck, Shoulders & Hips

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1h 3m
Get ready to flip the script and dive into the transformative world of "Flip and Flow" yoga class. This dynamic vinyasa experience is designed to challenge your body and invigorate your spirit as you explore the depths of side body, neck, shoulders, and hips.

In this energizing class, you'll discover the power of flipping your perspective as you engage in creative variations of plank, down dog, and cobra poses. Feel the exhilaration as you embrace the fluidity of movement and gracefully transition from one pose to another.

Through mindful breath and intentional alignment, you'll strengthen and lengthen your side body, unlocking a newfound sense of freedom and space. Your neck and shoulders will receive the care they deserve, releasing tension and cultivating a greater sense of ease and mobility.

With every flip and flow, you'll cultivate a deeper connection with your body, mind, and breath. Embrace the challenge and find joy in exploring new possibilities on your mat. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner on this journey, "Flip and Flow" will empower you to tap into your inner strength and embrace the transformative potential of your practice.

Join me for this invigorating and empowering class, and let the rhythmic pulse of the music guide you as you flip, flow, and find your bliss. It's time to discover a whole new dimension of movement and awaken your body from every angle.

Yoga Flow is based on the fundamentals of vinyasa, a dynamic asana (posture) practice including pranayama (breath regulation), movement, and transitions. This class involves intentional placement of body, breath, and attention to develop mind-body awareness, flexibility, strength, and concentration; it is often built around Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). All practice levels are welcome.