Roy Gan

Roy Gan (ERYT) is a classically trained dancer from Singapore, with over 15 years of experience in dance, teaching, and choreography, a non-practicing lawyer, and a graduate of Yoga Garden SF 200-hour Advanced St...

Catch A Hold Of: A Perspective Play Of Looking At Life From Different Poses

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1h 14m
In this yoga class, we explore the concept of perspective and how it can shape our experiences in life. By moving through various yoga poses, we learn to look at things from different angles and gain a new appreciation for the beauty of change. We'll also focus on shoulder stretches and catching a hold of our feet, ankles, or elbows, to deepen our connection to the present moment and cultivate a sense of groundedness. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this class will leave you feeling energized and inspired to approach life with a fresh perspective.

Yoga Flow is based on the fundamentals of vinyasa, a dynamic asana (posture) practice including pranayama (breath regulation), movement, and transitions. This class involves intentional placement of body, breath, and attention to develop mind-body awareness, flexibility, strength, and concentration; it is often built around Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). All practice levels are welcome.