Roy Gan

Roy Gan (ERYT) is a classically trained dancer from Singapore, with over 15 years of experience in dance, teaching, and choreography, a non-practicing lawyer, and a graduate of Yoga Garden SF 200-hour Advanced St...

Unlock Hips, Thoracic Power, Dynamic Foot-Hip Action

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1h 6m
"Unlock Hips, Thoracic Power, Dynamic Foot-Hip Action" is a transformative and dynamic yoga class designed to unlock the potential of your hips and harness the power of your thoracic spine. Through a series of engaging and energizing movements, you'll explore the intricate relationship between your hips, thoracic spine, and the dynamic action of your feet.

This class will guide you through a sequence of poses and flows carefully curated to enhance flexibility and mobility in your hips. You'll learn to move with intention and grace, allowing your hips to open up and release stored tension.

As you progress through the practice, special attention will be given to your thoracic spine, helping you improve your upper back's mobility and strength. By incorporating dynamic foot-to-hip movements, you'll develop a better understanding of how your entire body functions as an integrated system.

The result is a harmonious blend of freedom, strength, and fluidity in your hips and thoracic region. This class invites you to unlock your body's potential, leaving you feeling empowered, grounded, and ready to move with newfound grace and ease.

Join us for "Unlock Hips, Thoracic Power, Dynamic Foot-Hip Action," and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation as you explore the remarkable capabilities of your body.