Stimulate the Hip Flexors and Back, Well-Rounded Flow

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Brynn Wickham

Brynn (RYT-500) practices yoga for equanimity, focus, and physical endurance. A student of vinyasa and hatha yoga for ten years, her classes feature unique asana sequences that are designed to suit all levels. A ...
Make your way around the mat with this whole body flow, which pays particular attention to hip flexor mobility and back stretching/strength. Opens with a sequence on hands/knees, moves on to feature Eagle, Warrior III, Reverse Lunges, Side Plank, Half Moon, Triangle, Goddess, and an optional Crow pose after a short sequence to stimulate the core. Closes with backbends and stretches to release the hips.

Yoga Flow is based on the fundamentals of vinyasa, a dynamic asana (posture) practice including pranayama (breath regulation), movement, and transitions. This class involves intentional placement of body, breath, and attention to develop mind-body awareness, flexibility, strength, and concentration; it is often built around Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations). All practice levels are welcome.