Roy Gan

Roy Gan (ERYT) is a classically trained dancer from Singapore, with over 15 years of experience in dance, teaching, and choreography, a non-practicing lawyer, and a graduate of Yoga Garden SF 200-hour Advanced St...

Core Fusion: Unlock Variational Thigh Rotations in Dynamic Plank Flow

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1h 5m
Core Fusion: Unlock Variational Thigh Rotations in Dynamic Plank Flow" is a dynamic and engaging yoga class that centers on strengthening your core while exploring the versatility of thigh rotations. Throughout this invigorating practice, you will experience a series of dynamic plank flows that incorporate various thigh rotation movements. These movements are designed to enhance your core stability, improve balance, and promote overall strength and mobility.

As you flow through different plank variations, you'll unlock the potential of your core and discover how thigh rotations can complement and support your practice. This class is perfect for those looking to build a strong and stable core while also developing greater flexibility and movement in the thighs. Join us and embark on a journey to fuse core strength with thigh rotation versatility, leaving you feeling empowered and revitalized