Sona Brymer

Sona obtained her 200 hour RYT certificate in Lila Yoga. She trained under Erica Kaufman, finishing her certification with courses at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim in India. Yoga has been a useful coping tool for Sona while living with a chronic illness and having a few knee surgeries. She loves the way yoga makes her feel at peace and finds joy in sharing that with others. She appreciates everyone she's met through the Evolve community and the connections she's made.

Consciously pairing movement with breath and being present is always emphasized in Sona's classes, and you'll stay focused on yourself for the full class, not worrying or having your mind wander. Sona feels it is important to meet the body exactly as it is on the mat in the present moment, and she loves to remind her students and herself of that. Self care is so important on and off the mat! Sona enjoys sharing fun and sometimes challenging flows with her students, incorporating Lila Yoga Sun Salutations into her classes. Students often leave her class feeling great- like they got exactly what they needed, and appreciative of her soothing voice.

Off the mat, Sona has her Bachelor's in Psychology and loves helping people. She is currently the head tennis at at the St. Mary's College. Outside of yoga, Sona loves playing tennis, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family, especially her dog, Biscuit.