Chip Guffey

As a meditation instructor for almost three decades, Chip brings his passion for guiding students through simple and effective meditation techniques into his monthly meditation classes at Evolve.   Whether you are looking to start a meditation practice or strengthen an existing practice, Chip can assist you!

Since completing Evolve’s Yoga Teacher Training in February of 2024, Chip has started offering a weekly Prana Flow class to integrate your favorite yoga poses with sound and simple pranayama breath techniques.  His classes focus on blending the energies of movement, breath, sound and stillness, bringing an integrated physical and meditative experience to Evolve’s students.  

Chip is a lifelong musician and vocalist.  Recently he has introduced a unique Zen Flute component into his meditation offerings.   Experience the energy of meditation through this ancient form of Oriental flute music.  In addition, he is the Walla (leader) of the Evolve Kirtan Band, offering live music events at Evolve since 2018 and is the lead vocalist for the Pax Rats—a local jazz band.  

Also a Reiki practitioner and instructor for over twenty years, Chip has facilitated group clinic and individual Reiki sessions throughout Southern Maryland in conjunction with the Synthesis Center of St. Mary’s.

Chip has worked for the Patuxent River Naval Air Station since 1986.  He and his wife Gina (also an Evolve instructor) share a home with their 4-legged “kids”!

cOMmunity Meditation

with Chip Guffey
1h 23m

RESCHEDULED! Fall Equinox Kirtan

with Chip Guffey
1h 52m