SunRISE Yoga at The Wharf

Sat, 6/3/23 7:30 AM,
Sat, 7/1/23 7:30 AM
and more with
Rebecca Calvert

B-Day Block Party: Haus Flow

Sat, 6/10/23 2:15 PM with Emily Thompson Kuchta

Leonardtown Wharf: Align + Flow

Sun, 4/9/23 9:30 AM,
Weekly on Sundays
and more with
Carol M Trudo, Sona Hussian, Traci Grzywacz

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2023

Series starts Sat, 09/09/23 with Evolve Team, Kelley + Emily

International Day of Yoga: Summer Solstice

Wed, 6/21/23 6:30 PM with Emily Thompson Kuchta

Energy Frequencies + You 2

Sat, 7/15/23 11:30 AM with Evolve Team

Yin + Zen with Rebecca

Sat, 8/12/23 2:00 PM with Rebecca Calvert

Soul Rise Retreats: Bali Edition

Mon, 4/22/24 12:00 PM with Kelley + Emily