Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Course $50.00 valid for 2 months
  • Whether you're new to vinyasa yoga or looking for a little refresher course, this series is all about learning and strengthening your foundation so you can build upon it. Naomi details the alignment, nuances and technique of several common postures that form the foundation of vinyasa flow. Her approach to alignment is refreshing, she will never try to fit you into a box or pose, rather she'll help you develop more keen awareness about how your physical body and subtle energy can unite to help you move through life with greater purpose, clarity, strength and flexibility. Tutorials include: breathing techniques and detailed break downs of Chaturanga, Cobra, Warrior 1+2, Down Dog, Mountain Pose, Revolved Triangle and a full practice dedicated to learning how to use props to deepen your experience.
    Eka Pada Adho Muka Svanasana

  • One-time charge