Myofascial Release for Hips + Legs $50.00 valid for 3 months
  • Do you feel tense, stiff and lack mobility in your hips and legs
    (hamstrings, inner thighs, quads, outer hip, hip flexors, calves)?
    This workshop begins with an introduction to fascia and functional
    anatomy of the circumference of the hips and upper legs. In this
    online course, learn about myofascial release and how it can help
    decrease muscle strain + soreness, increase range of motion and return
    your hips + legs to a more balanced and fluid state. Course includes a
    30 minute overview on what myofascial release is, how it helps restore
    the health of your tissues and two guided myofascial release practices
    for your hips + legs (extended 90 minutes and 20 minute quickie).
  • One-time charge