Relax + Restore

Monthly on the 2nd Sunday / not on June 12, 2022,
Sun, 12/5/21 5:30 PM
and more with
Erin Smith

Slow Yin

Weekly on Thursdays,
Weekly until August 26, 2022 on Thursdays
and more with
Dana Johnson

Slow Flow

Sun, 10/16/22 8:30 AM,
Weekly on Saturdays
and more with
Erin Smith, Erin Snapp, Imani Smith, Paige Altherr, Paty Hinojosa, Samantha Sills


Weekly on Mondays,
Weekly on Wednesdays
and more with
Dana Johnson, Erin Snapp, Imani Smith, Naomi Gold, Paige Altherr, Rebecca Murawski, Samantha Sills

Slow Flow Sound Bath

Weekly on Sundays with Paige Altherr

Down Dog Deep Dive

Sun, 10/2/22 11:15 AM with Naomi Gold


Weekly on Fridays,
Weekly on Mondays
and more with
Erin Snapp, Naomi Gold, Paige Altherr, Paty Hinojosa, Rebecca Murawski


Weekly on Mondays with Erin Smith

Self Myofascial Release

Weekly on Tuesdays with Naomi Gold

Yin Yoga

Weekly on Wednesdays,
Weekly on Tuesdays
and more with
Erin Smith, Naomi Gold


Sat, 10/15/22 10:45 AM with Erin Smith

Exploring the Yoga Sutras: Yoga Studies Club

Monthly on the 3rd Sunday,
Monthly until August 29, 2022 on the 3rd Sunday / not on April 17, 2022 / not on June 12, 2022 / not on June 19, 2022 / not on August 21, 2022
and more with
Shayna Danto